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Welcome to the first launch of a very preliminary web site.  No pages are complete but many are  functional.  Our goal is to win the primary and general elections so MURR can roll up his sleeves in January of 2019 and get some serious work done for such a vast and diverse House District. The great thing is that all these diverse places have been his stomping grounds since the early 70's, first as a weekender on the Little Su to a 7th grader at Wasilla Junior High in 1976.  As adolescent behavior would have stomping grounds went from slamming salmon on the Little Su to hunting and berry picking at Pt. Mack way before the Port. First personal river boats as teens traveled from Big Lake down the Old Burma Road to launch straight off the bank (Parent never liked it much, LOL). Continue the journey from Houston to Meadow Lakes, WHAT? Wow King Arthur Drive go's to Meadow Lakes Now.  When the Murr family moved to Houston the main part of King Arthur from the Parks was a straight set of MUD Ruts (i.e. LOTS OF TIME ON COME ALONGS AND HANDYMAN JACKS, THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO THE CABIN). From Meadow Lakes on to the Vine Extension (EXTENSION WHAT?) to Settlers Bay.  The Fairview/Knik Community provided many of us High School and College Kids the needed summer work to fund our needs at that age.  And now, back to Pt. Mack, a great port, lots of potential but not enough activity.  Well I'm here and ready to continue the work that has progressed through the ebb and flows of the Alaskan Economy throughout this lifetime with the plan to keep Alaska and District 8 still moving that if/when one of my 8 children or  15 Grandchildren decide to take over or join in the work it will still be in the best interest of the great grand children.  Look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. Please, in the spirit of Toby Keith, "Come as You Are" and, please VOTE so Alaska knows who D8 wants in Juneau in 2019. God Bless  


Wednesday, January 10, 2018 5:13 PM

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Committee to Elect Andy Murr District 8
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